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Beach Theme

Beach Theme

Having a beach theme for your wedding can be really memorable…and lot’s of fun! When choosing your wedding colours, you are committing to two or three colours that should be repeated throughout your wedding decorations.


If you begin with Aqua Blue you can easily link it with other colours to complement it like white (think fluffy clouds and wave caps), sand and pale browns  (think sandy beach and driftwood) or lime green (think tropical ) or coral pink (think of shells, starfish). Table décor could white washed wooden lanterns and you could include perhaps place names on beach pebbles. Enjoy…and don’t forget to send us a postcard!


  • st16

    Colour Ref: st16

  • pst87

    Colour Ref: pst87

  • tt21

    Colour Ref: tt21

  • Sky Blue

    Colour Ref: 64/BK1

  • Lemon wedding theme
    Citrus lemon

    Colour Ref: 65/BK1 & 30/BK2