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Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

Spring wedding colours usually lean toward pastel shades paired with the vibrant hues such as Cherry pink, bright yellows and reds of tulips or the deep purple of an iris. You can easily create an engaging wedding colour scheme by pairing two or more colors together such as pinks and greens, hot oranges and pinks, or deep purples and vibrant (or pale) yellows. Just take your cue from nature itself.


Remember to keep your wedding colours light and airy to reflect the renewal of spring. Lot’s of flowers! A nice table centre idea is to place a small bunch of garden flowers in small vase/jam jar…tie together with lace ribbon  and  include within the table centre a small white lantern…and some rose petals…it looks great.


  • Baby Pink wedding sashes
    Baby Pink

    Colour Ref: 31/BK1

  • pale pastel lemon wedding
    Pastel lemon

    Colour Ref: 16/BK1

  • Ivory Wedding sashes
    Snow Ivory

    Colour Ref: 30/BK1

  • pst60

    Colour Ref: pst60