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Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding

Summer is by far the most popular time to get married, as the weather is warmer and (a little!) drier. Create a summer colour palette using seasonal inspiration…just look around you. There are literally hundreds of unique colour combinations you can choose from for your summer wedding. If budget allows, add lots (and lots more!) flowers to the tables…add consider adding a little floral posy to the back of your chairs, and create a stunning summer centerpiece with tall candelabras dressed with a crown of fresh summer flowers. 


No matter what colour theme you decide upon for your summer wedding, you can rest assured that picking a bright palette of summer colours will bring your entire wedding together and make your day even more memorable.


  • st09

    Colour Ref: st09

  • Ivory wedding colours - 10
    Light Ivory

    Colour Ref: 10/BK1

  • st11

    Colour Ref: st11

  • st25

    Colour Ref: st25

  • ivory wedding theme
    Soft Ivory

    Colour Ref: 67/BK1

  • pst60

    Colour Ref: pst60