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Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

Almost all wedding magazine are full of vintage inspiration, and vintage wedding ideas can be found everywhere on the web – so you can’t go wrong finding some inspiration for your vintage wedding day. Vintage colours are varied…but as a general role of thumb they tend to be pastel shades of every hue, such as lilac, dusky pink, duck egg blue, lemon, and white or ivory.


Top celebs are now incorporating a vintage style within their weddings with most opting for classic lace, pearls and vintage accessories such as lace table covers, chair covers with lace sashes and fine bone china crockery. Vintage table centres range from victorian bird cages, vintage lanterns to classic tall silver candelabras ! it’s a trend that is set to last!


  • Lilac wedding colours
    Passion Lilac

    Colour Ref: 76/BK1

  • st09

    Colour Ref: st09

  • Silver blue
    Silver Blue

    Colour Ref: 88/BK2

  • Lemon wedding theme
    Citrus lemon

    Colour Ref: 65/BK1 & 30/BK2

  • Sunflower Ivory Wedding dessy colours
    Sunflower Ivory

    Colour Ref: 22/BK1

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