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Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

A ‘Winter Wonderland’ wedding is a great theme to choose for your winter wedding decoration. However, unlike spring, summer and autumn weddings, saying “I do” in the coldest months of the year does limited your options in terms of colour schemes for your wedding. But you can take your pick from white, silver, light jewel tones and blue or purple – and perhaps your favorite colour as a secondary hue. The exceptions are Christmas & Valentines Day…when red would be the colour of choice.


The colour hues associated with the winter season are stylish, elegant, dreamy and sparkly – so you’ll definitely have fun creating a ’Winter Wonderland’ theme for your winter wedding!


  • Pistachio dessy Mint green wedding
    Pistachio Pale Mint

    Colour Ref: 15/BK1

  • Costal Blue wedding sash colour
    Coastal Blue

    Colour Ref: 32/BK2

  • Midnight Blue wedding sash colour dessy
    Midnight Blue

    Colour Ref: 21/BK2

  • Ivory wedding colours - 10
    Light Ivory

    Colour Ref: 10/BK1

  • tt08

    Colour Ref: tt08